This week it’s the turn of the British, Bristolian duo (try say that after a few cheeky bottles of grenache ; read their FB bio). FB also tells us that in July they posted “On remix duties this weekend in Essex, got something naughty in the pipeline”. And boy oh boy, were they certainly not josh-ing!

The original brains behind the track in question, is Real Connoisseur; Who’s name will certainly ring a bell. With releases on Purp and Soul Records (Ben Pearce’s Label) and a hefty remix of Dr. Meaker’s massive ‘Don’t Think It’s Love’, the BBC Radio 1 Pete-Tong-championed-producer, returns with this release. Which has been remixed to high heaven by the Tyro lads.

We were actually lucky enough to catch up with them, for a cheeky natter..here it is:

UGS: Hi boys, so this week your remix of Real Connoisseur’s ‘Down With Me’, has been crowned our ‘OH SNAP’ track of the week. We must say it’s pretty ‘cushty’ and we’d love to hear more from you guys, where can we do that?

T: Thanks that’s good to hear! We’ve got a few new bits in the pipeline but it’s just a case of getting some solid studio time in, to finish them off. We’ve had a few interesting offers over the last couple of weeks, so we’ll just have to see how that pans out.

UGS: First off before we talk all-serious-like, we have to ask, what’s all this fuss about Grenache and homes under the hammer? Are these your secret studio weapons of choice?

T: Completely forgotten we’d written that! To be honest, it’s a lie, we made our Real Connoisseur remix on a diet of iced coffee and steak..with the occasional strawberry daiquiri. Far more rock ‘n’ roll.

UGS: So the Real Connoisseur remix, how did that come about? Did you crack on the old fashioned way in the studio for several hours together, or was it an online/email jobby?

T: We try and make everything in the studio together; the whole online/email thing doesn’t really suit us, unless we’re on Skype discussing minor changes and tweaks.

The Real Connoisseur remix came about through luck, more than anything. Connor sent us over the stems and we just started playing around with it. It’s our first shot at a remix so we didn’t really know the best way to go about it, maybe that was a good thing!

UGS: We’ve been cranking up some cheeky mixes of yours and we’re feeling like we want to come watch you LIVE soon, where can people catch you out?

T: We don’t have anything lined up for a little while but you can catch us at Motion (Bristol) as residents for Troupe for their next event, in the meantime we’ll have a few more mixes going up on Soundcloud.

UGS: Can we expect some more quality material from you guys in the next few months? What’s in the pipeline?

T: Definitely, we’re working towards getting a full EP finished and out there but we’re going to take our time with it. We want to make sure its right; we’ve put stuff out before that we haven’t been 100% comfortable with which was a mistake. In the meantime we’d love to have ago at another remix, we had a lot of fun doing it.

UGS: And some quick fire questions:

UGS: Up or down?

T: Up

UGS: 80’s or 90’s?

T: 90’s

UGS: Music or ladies?

T: La…music

UGS: Get up or get down?

T: Get up to get down

UGS: Don’t miss a trick do you boys! And lastly, a tip off on some new emerging talent, we may not know about yet?

T: An artist called GANZ has caught our eye recently, he released an EP with Bmkltsch a month or so ago. One track off the EP called ‘5 300 hours’, really stood out for us. We’d definitely recommend checking him out.

Oh and because there so overwhelmed with the positive response ‘Down With Me’ has had, their only going to give it away for zero dollar on their FB page >>> HERE next week..N’aww you guys!

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