Okay, so someone seriously needs to ” ‘ave a word”. The latest clubhouse series from fool gold HQ, has literally blown our socks off!

Steeped in that ‘quintessential Fools Gold’ fidget-infused-sound, the label showcases a selection of hot property producers, straight from the streets. All hand selected for their clangourous and flamboyant styles and their entrepreneurial approach to bass.

Oh, and the best part.. it’s all cluckin’ free, the whole caboodle!

Dirt Monkey’s sound doesn’t shy to far from Major Lazer and TC’s, which is ironic, given he’s bootleg-ed the crap out of both of them. Party Alarm is the latest instalment from the ‘Clubhouse’ series and has been tipped as this week’s #YAFREEBIE, for it’s  rave-y, penetrative framework.

See below for more previous additions to the Clubhouse fam’.. YOUR WELCOME!

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